Spanish classical dance is a beautiful yet complex type of dance that includes many sub-categories. One popular form is Flamenco, perhaps the most well-known of Spanish dances, which originates in the southern part of Spain, possibly with the Romani people in the 18th century. 

Authentic Flamenco Dance
A member of the Los Gitanos Dance Group is captured here doing the flamenco dance. As you can see, flamenco involves beautiful long skirts that make the dancer's movements extra special.
Photo by Brendan Lally

In recent years, flamenco has become a popular dance around the world. Today, in the country of Spain and in many other countries you might come across a café cantanté which is filled with song and dance and performers bringing their traditional dance and music to the patrons. Flamenco has become more than just a performing art: as new generations discover this art form, it has also become a way to build community.